An Event Can change a country – Event Faqs

June 26, 2015

An Event Can change a country – Event Faqs

Inspired by some of the recent happenings around, I felt like turning my thoughts shaped to a post. Among the galore, two happenings that inspired me to write this are the story of the legendary leader Nelson Mandela and Dubai Expo2020. You may be wondering how these two are connected.

‘Invicuts’ a film by Clint Eastwood says the inspiring story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of S Africa’s rugby team to help unite their apartheid torn land. Believing that he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies S Africa’s rugby team as they make their historic run to the 1995 rugby World Cup Championship match. Mandela and his sport united a nation. As the famous French writer, Victor Hugo rightly puts it” Nothing is stronger that an idea whose time has come”.
Hence an event ‘ changed a country’.

Another news of international attention is the winning of Dubai for world expo2020. The time has definitely come for Dubai. So what’s the big deal in hosting an expo one may ask? If the mad rush and fierce competition between various bidders for the event are any yardsitck, hosting a major business fair like World Expo can change the economics dynamics of not only the host city but of the entire nation. A case in point is the successful hosting of the same ‘world Expo’ event by shanghai in the year 2010. The event not only injected a fresh lease of life in the sluggish infrastructural sector of shanghai city but injected profits over $165 million boosting the country’s economy. So an event world expo2020 is going to repeat the history.

A quick look around:

Just like the 1995 rugby world cup championship changed the fate of S Africa, there are several events in the world history that changed the fate of nations, brands ro even people. COming back to Dubai, the World Expo 2020 is likely to bring as positive impact across various genres of business apart from enhancing the brand value of Dubai as a primary investment destination. The Key sectors that are likely to attain immense benefit from the Expo include banking, retail, travel, hospitality, recruitment and job creation.

There is no denying the fact that India has been late to ride the gravity train by hosting large events. Luckily for India, considering there fact that it is the cynosure of the world with virtually every big and small company wanting to focus its attention on doing business in India, the country has an immense upside for such global events. India can easily compensate the lack of World expo by hosting its very own version of the world expo. There are various options to organize India centric events. The event can be purely a private or government backed and promoted. Another good option is to host an event on the lines of a public-private partnership model. Irrespective of the name of the event the constant between all expos is the importance of having an event.

An event can change a brand:

Just like expos acting as a common ground for enhancing the brand value of the host nation and aids exchange of trade, ideas and cultures enhancing the overall productivity, an event can be a catalyst for positive change for a brand. If planned with meticulous detail and arranged with professional act and appeal, an event can make the difference to the fortunes of any small or big companies.

While every big or small company would like the idea of turning its negative sluggish fortune to positive sales and brand enhancement, the onus is on various event management companies to make it happen.

While event managers do understand the importance hosting an event can provide a positive impetus to the fortune of the company, the message is not always delivered across. Essentially road blocks in organizing events act as a deterrent for various companies to play safe and avoid hosting of any events. Considering the positives hosting an event can bring to the fortune of the company concerned, playing safe and not explore such hosting options is in fact promoting the negative growth cycle.

so i reiterate the fact that an event is just an idea before it is executed so an Idea can not only change your life, An Idea(Event) can change the world.

About the Author: Harish Babu is the Managing Director of Impresario Management Company, and a seasoned professional with nearly 2 decades in event management.

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