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Parinaya / Parinyam/ Parinay meaning the coming together of two individual souls; with their individual fate and destinies married to the timeless mysteries of the eternal soul; praying for union of their hearts and minds.

Parinaya is a group company of Impresario Event Management India Ltd. people who have brought you events like the Malabar Shopping Festival, Miss Kerala beauty pageant and may more corporate events.

By that very token, you will agree that we are ideally placed to make your wedding a memorable one for years to come. A wedding that will be the topic of conversation for months together.

We have managed spectacular marriage ceremonies for clients in India as well as those settled abroad. Parinaya will take care of all your needs, so that you can rid yourself of anxious moments as well as fretting over details. We will give you a glorious wedding, a wedding day you will cherish for all time.