About Us

    About Us

    We create and deliver cutting-edge, global event experiences that are designed to dazzle our clients and go above and beyond your expectations. Through stunning, unique concepts & flawless execution, we offer solutions that will pique senses & capture imaginations. Our team of talented experts will create interactive, and authentic experiences designed to engage individuals on a personal and meaningful level, at the same time extend your event’s goal in an enthralling fashion.

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    Entertainment Planning

    Artist Liaison & Management, Celebrity Liaison, Artist Contracts, Entertainment Scripting.

    Multilingual Support

    Travel Planning, Hospitality Management, Welcome & Help Crew, VIP Hospitality, Media Management.

    Travel & Hospitality

    Security Strategy, Medical Preparedness, Disaster Planning, Licensing, Insurance, Operations.

    Logistics Planning

    Crew Selection, Ushers, Manpower Uniform & Presence, Manpower Training, Backstage Crew.