Christian Wedding


    Christian weddings in India are a beautiful culmination of western traditions and Indian culture. We are well-versed in the rituals and customs associated with Christian weddings, so we can help you plan your special day with the utmost care and attention. From small, intimate weddings to large, extravagant celebrations, we know what it takes to make your wedding memorable and unforgettable.

    Pre-Wedding Customs :

    • Commitment
    • Pre-wedding party
    • The Single guy Party
    • Landing in the Congregation
    • The Wedding Mass

    Wedding Customs :

    • The Pre-marriage ceremony
    • The Serious Commitment
    • Trade of Rings
    • Petitioning God Administration
    • Matrimonial Gift and the Recessional

    Post-Wedding Function :

    In a Christian wedding, the post wedding function is the social occasion held to praise the wedding. Family members, partners, and partners are welcome to an astounding amazing social affair. They as of late hitched couple cut wedding cake and feed each a nibble of the main cut