Kochi addresses various things to various individuals. To many, it is an arising cosmopolitan city with clamoring life in the roads, the film corridors, the shopping centers, and the high rises; the business capital of the state, with a style proclamation not quite the same as the remainder of the State – whether in garments or way of life. To some others, Kochi is a spot with profound roots in history and its roads radiate an old-world appeal; a spot with delightful landmarks and various semantic and ethnic networks including Jews, Konkinis, Gujaratis, etc. 

    One more gathering views at Kochi as a flourishing, extending market, giving open doors to development and success to all who thump at her entryways. To put it plainly, Kochi offers a mixed drink of innovation, old-world appeal and a worldwide viewpoint that, simultaneously, works with congruity and change. For quite a long time, Kochi had been a vitally port city, of Kerala, yet additionally of the Indian Peninsula. Since the fourteenth 100 years, Kochi, known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, has had ships from Asian and European nations visiting her port. The merchants and travellered from across the globe were greeted wholeheartedly and personalities. This enormously helped in its development into a cosmopolitan city. 

    Kochi’s development owes a ton to its essential situation on the northern finish of the landmass that has closeness to the Arabian Sea on the west, and the estuaries and the Western Ghats on the east. With respect to its geology, it is an unpredictable blend of bumpy regions, estuaries and backwaters, little islands, beach front urban communities like Fort Kochi and Mattancherry and plain territory like that of the city of Ernakulam.With its intriguing landmarks, geographic eccentricities, and arising cosmopolitan nature, Kochi can keep a traveler fascinated for quite a long time.